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6 Must-Haves for Seamless Construction Site Preparation

Kelm Hire 6 Must Haves for Seamless Construction Site Preparation

Whether your construction project is large or small, long-term or short-term, properly preparing your site is essential. It can increase the likelihood of creating an efficient, successful, safe environment where the required standards (and your team’s needs) are met. 


At Kelm Hire, we are one of the most responsive hire companies in Melbourne. We pride ourselves on moving quickly to support you to find the perfect solution for whatever hurdle you may face. So, what hire equipment do you need for successful construction site preparation?


  1. Portable Toilets
    Having adequate facilities onsite for your team is essential. Whether you need one or several portable toilets, Kelm Hire has you covered. This skid-mounted chemical toilet is ideal for long or short-term renovation and construction projects, social functions, and even large-scale events. Give us a call to discuss your portable toilet requirements today.


  1. Site Fencing
    Temporary site fencing is crucial for maintaining safety and security on a construction site but can be costly to buy outright. Kelm Hire offers a variety of fencing options for hire and, with a range of sizes and styles available, we can help you find the perfect solution for your unique needs. Our expert and experienced team can even offer you advice on fencing height requirements, gating options and how to minimise unnecessary impact on your local environment.


  1. Road Plates
    Road plates are an essential tool for managing traffic and pedestrians on a construction site and provide a safe, efficient way to redirect traffic. Whether you’re completing excavation, demolition, construction or maintenance work, road plates can be secured in place over uneven or excavated ground to allow for traffic flow. They’re also a great option for covering trenches or holes in poor weather conditions to ensure they don’t fill with water, snow or mud. 


  1. Site Sheds
    Site sheds are temporary buildings that can be used for site offices, first aid stations, lunch rooms or meeting rooms. Kelm Hire site sheds for hire come in various sizes and can be delivered by tilt tray or crane truck to your site. They come equipped with fixed air conditioning/heating, a lock box to the door, and security grilles on the windows. Other furniture options available include tables, chairs, microwaves and small fridges. 


  1. Water Barriers
    Water barriers have a number of uses including crowd control, containing and redirecting traffic and creating temporary work zones on construction sites. Lo Ro water barrier units are portable and can be conveniently positioned for temporary use during roadworks and construction activities. The main benefit of using a water-filled barrier is that they are designed to absorb impact, are very difficult to steal compared to cones and can be very cost-effective.


  1. Water Carts
    Water carts are a vital tool on construction, mining and quarry sites and are a convenient way to manage mud, soil, and, in particular, dust. Water carts essentially collect and distribute water in multiple directions as required and can also be used for water haulage, watering compaction and filling up swimming pools . At Kelm Hire we offer both trailer water carts and towable water carts – just get in touch to discuss the perfect option for your project. 

At Kelm Hire, we understand the importance of having the right tools for the job, but we also understand that every project is different. That’s why we don’t just offer wide range of construction equipment for hire – we provide expert advice on what will work best for your unique project. Contact us today to learn more about our range of equipment and how we can help you make your construction site preparation a success.