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Equipment Hire: Why hiring is better than purchasing

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Do you have projects coming up that require all sorts of tailored equipment? You’re probably at a nightmarish crossroads: is it better to purchase or hire? Now we know purchasing seems more ideal if you’re working consistently, but let us tell you why you should opt for the road less taken. Contrary to popular belief, hiring is better than purchasing, and is informed by several variables – not just cost! 

As construction industry specialists, Kelm Hire is here to send you down the path of equipment hiring feeling enlightened and confident. And if reading this blog leaves you ready to hire equipment, we have everything you need to get the job done! Kelm Hire is a trade-focused one-stop shop delivering total hire solutions.

Now let us detail some pros of equipment hire:

  • Cost, of course! No one wants to deliver a blow to their wallet and leave their bank account needing CPR. We know it’s no surprise, but cost-efficiency is the primary motivator behind hiring. This is because hiring doesn’t require any upfront payment, so you can get your project’s gears running without the stress of expenses. What’s more, is that you don’t have to pay a penny for maintenance and repairs. Just pay for your one-time hire and go get the job done! A game-changer when you’re working on multiple projects at the same time – you don’t need to exhaust all your resources. 


  • Goodbye, responsibilities. With bought equipment comes a whole lot of responsibilities. Commitment is always difficult! But when you hire, you can channel all your energy into seeing your project through to the end, without worrying about any liabilities. Professional analysis? Scheduled performance checks? Compliance reviews? Legal obligations? Whew, you don’t have to worry about any of those. Your duties are that of a customer, so all you have to do is put the products to good use. The hiring company will look after all things legal to ensure a seamless experience for you. This also involves disposal – e-waste is complicated but equipment companies know all about it. 


  • Unmatched convenience. When you work in a fast-paced, heavy-duty environment, all you crave is convenience. We get it! Storing and managing heavy machinery is arduous, which is why hiring equipment for one-off projects is the best way to go. Use your desired equipment and wave goodbye as soon as you’re done. It’s even more rewarding when you need tailored equipment for varying projects – say goodbye to storage shortages! Not only does this minimise interference in your workspace, but it also aids in the safety of the staff on-site. 


  • Superior quality. When you hire, you’re guaranteed to get the newest equipment that checks all boxes in the compliance and performance departments. You’re getting thoroughly serviced and inspected equipment, and the latest models too. On the other hand, purchasing means constant upgrading to meet the required safety standards. Now that’s a lot of work (and money!). So to get the best quality AND best value for your money, hiring companies are where it’s at. 


Ready to hire equipment and get your projects moving? Kelm Hire has everything you need. We deliver quality equipment & our team of highly experienced account managers is here to collaborate with you so your projects run on time and within budget. We also offer FREE on-site assessments and 24-hour delivery, so your projects are guaranteed to succeed. 

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