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Quality Over Everything: Why We Only Trust Top-Tier Equipment Brands


In the dynamic and demanding world of construction, equipment quality isn’t just a preference; it’s a prerequisite for success. Kelm Hire’s unwavering commitment to offering only the best equipment stems from a deep understanding of the construction industry’s needs and challenges. Our strategy for equipment procurement reflects our dedication to ensuring every project we support is set up for success.

The Importance of Quality in Construction Equipment

Quality in construction equipment is the bedrock upon which project safety, efficiency, and reliability stand. High-calibre machinery reduces the risk of on-site accidents, ensures project timelines are met, and maintains the integrity of the work performed.

At Kelm Hire, we see quality equipment as the cornerstone of our service and strive to ensure that every client receives the best possible tools, helping them to achieve the best possible results.

Our Equipment Selection Strategy

Our strategy for choosing equipment brands rests on three key pillars. Firstly, quality equipment reduces the chance of breakdowns, so investing in top-tier equipment from trusted brands is a vital part of risk minimisation.

Secondly, when a breakdown does happen, we want to ensure minimal stand down time. This is achieved by conformity of machinery, which reduces the variety of parts needed and the complexity of situations our mechanics will have to deal with. Excellent customer service and our stock of spare parts ensure we can quickly deal with breakdowns.

Finally, we strive to ensure that we have what customers need onsite and ready to go. This involves having a wide range of equipment available and preemptively ordering equipment in accordance with trends in the industry.

A Deep Dive into Our Top-Tier Equipment Brands

For Elevated Work Platforms (EWPs) such as booms and scissor lifts, JLG is our brand of choice. We prefer JLG over other brands for their fantastic track record of fewer breakdowns and exceptional backup service. JLG’s equipment is synonymous with quality and reliability, making it a top choice for our elevated work platform needs.

When it comes to excavators, Yanmar’s superior performance and superb customer service make them the obvious choice. Our long-standing relationship with Yanmar, bolstered by the exceptional support from our sales rep, Collin, ensures that we receive the best products and services, and can pass these benefits on to our clients.

The name ‘Toyota’ is synonymous with outstanding reliability, making them the perfect choice for our forklift requirements. The legendary lifespan of Toyota products is something Kelm Hire has plenty of experience with; our first forklift, a Toyota, was over 40 years old, and still running without any issues. In addition to their reliability, Toyota forklifts are easy to use and source parts for.

Rough terrain requires durable, reliable equipment, and Manitou is the first and last name in rough terrain telehandlers and forklifts. Their quality and ease of use keep them in constant demand; clients frequently request this specific brand for their projects.

Cost vs. Value: Why Investing in Quality Saves More in the Long Run

The initial investment in top-tier equipment might be higher, but the long-term savings are substantial. High-quality equipment equates to reduced maintenance costs, lower chances of project delays due to equipment failure, and extended lifespans of the machinery. This approach reflects our philosophy at Kelm Hire – invest in quality for long-term gain. 

Our experience has taught us valuable lessons about the pitfalls of lower-grade, particularly Chinese-made, equipment. Such machinery often underperforms, leading to increased breakdown rates and prolonged downtime, mainly due to difficulties in sourcing parts. This not only hampers project timelines but also impacts the overall profitability and efficiency of a project. We therefore carefully avoid these options, no matter how cost-effective they may appear on paper.

Kelm Hire’s Commitment to Reliability and Safety

Our commitment to quality extends beyond just functionality; it encompasses safety and reliability. We ensure that all our equipment is fully equipped with the latest safety features, meeting and exceeding industry standards. This focus on quality and safety is central to Kelm Hire’s promise to our clients – to provide equipment that you can trust, without reservations.

Secure Success With Kelm’s Quality Equipment

At Kelm Hire, quality isn’t just a feature of our equipment; it’s the foundation of our business philosophy. By aligning ourselves with the best in the industry, we ensure that our clients are equipped not just to meet but to exceed their project goals. 

To find out more and start your journey to unquestionable quality, contact us today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Kelm Hire differentiates itself by consistently investing in high-quality, reliable brands, ensuring our equipment is less prone to breakdowns and capable of handling diverse project demands efficiently.

Choosing top-tier equipment significantly reduces the risk of unexpected breakdowns and delays, thereby ensuring projects stay on track and within budget. This reliability translates into cost savings and enhanced project efficiency.

Yes, Kelm Hire’s diverse and high-quality inventory caters to a wide range of specialised construction projects. Our commitment to top-tier brands means we can meet specific project needs with the best equipment available.