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4 Tips to Nail a Landscaping DIY Project

Kelm Hire 4 Tips to Nail a Landscaping DIY Project

Congratulations on your new yard! Well…this article is going to help you nail your landscaping project so we wanted to congratulate you in advance on a job well done. Whether you’re a new home or business owner, or if you’ve had to fire your landscaper because they just weren’t cutting it (haha, get it?) – you’ve come to the right place. 

Kelm Hire is a team of construction industry specialists. We are your one-stop shop, total hire solution providing quality equipment & a team of highly experienced account managers to support you. Our landscaping tips and range of landscaping equipment for hire will inject some serious confidence into your next move.


Keep Things Neat with a Quality Lawn Mower

A lawn mower may be the most expensive of tools a beginner landscaper needs, but it’s definitely one of the most important ones. A good quality, well-researched lawn mower will leave your lawn looking mighty fine, and you feeling mighty confident and productive. At first glance, a trimmed lawn can make quite the first impression! 

Hire this lawn mower from Kelm Hire for something that’s easy to use, and delivers a quick and tidy job. 


Wow with Cleanliness

There’s nothing quite like a clean space – yes, even when said space is outdoors. Every beginner must start by gathering the basic equipment needed to keep your landscape site clean. 

Always have a leafblower on deck to keep your porch and walking spaces spotless. A wheelbarrow is another must-have. Say goodbye to yard waste and hello to a pristine yard!


Walk Behind Power Broom

If you’re worried about the maintenance of your yard through changing seasons, worry not – a Walk Behind Power Broom is just what you need. This light-weight yet powerful broom is designed to deliver jobs like:

  • Sweeping and scrubbing jobs on concrete or asphalt
  • Clearing sand from a pathway
  • Sweeping sand in artificial turf for installation or repair

This broom is fully able to accommodate your needs no matter the weather conditions, so your yard stays shining 24/7, 365. Rent one from Kelm Hire and give it a whirl. 


Make the Space Yours

It’s time to pretty it up but don’t know where to start? We suggest two things that can instantly take your yard up a notch:

  • Add shade
  • Plant shrubbery


Easy as that!

Adding shaded areas in your yard is the best way to create separation within the space. There’s many ways to achieve this – umbrellas, canopies, marquees, and even permanent roofs – and most within reach of a beginner landscaper. Hire a Post Hole Digger – 1 Man Small from Kelm Hire; a light, hand held, petrol powered tool, ideal for digging holes of upto 150mm in diameter. This tool is perfect for installing fences & poles in your yard.

And of course, no yard is complete without shrubbery! The Post Hole Digger also acts as the perfect tool for planting shrubs and small plants. If you’ve got some gardening experience under your belt, you’ll know that it’s also beneficial in soil testing. So get that research going, visit your local greenhouse, and get planting!

We hope you’re now on a well-laid, beautifully landscaped path to DIYing your new landscaping project. If you’ve made it this far in the blog, you probably are! Get your hands on the above mentioned tools and of course, stock up on sufficient safety gear, and you’re good to go. 

If you’re keen to hire any equipment to test out, Kelm Hire is right here for you. Explore our catalogue of all the products you could possibly need, and contact our professionals for advice of the highest standard. Our 24-hour delivery and on-site support means that we’re here for you wherever, whenever. 

At Kelm Hire, we make it happen.