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Essential Concrete Equipment for your next concrete job

Kelm Hire Essential Concrete Equipment for your next concrete job

If you’re reading this, you probably have a concrete job lined up and are asking yourself two very serious questions:

What tools do I need for concrete work?


Where can I rent concrete tools?


Well, no matter how big or small the task, it’s essential to match the tool to the job – as the professionals say – because no two tools are the same. And as construction industry specialists, we’ve compiled a beginner’s concrete essential equipment list to ensure that you absolutely nail it. 

Kelm Hire is your one-stop-shop, total hire solution providing quality equipment and an exceptional team ready to support your every need. Our range of concrete equipment includes everything you need to deliver work of the highest standard. Read on to learn more!


Concrete Grinder

You can’t commence a concrete job without a Concrete Grinder! As with every piece of concrete equipment, one size does not fit all. Concrete Grinders are more versatile than you’d think, accommodate a ton of attachments for personalisation, and can also do much more than you’d think! Be it levelling uneven surfaces, or removing and cleaning concrete, plaster, adhesives, paint and other compounds – a grinder can get it done.

Opt for a small handheld Concrete Grinder for something compact, yet mighty. Or, go with a larger one for more grinder width. If you’re a professional after something heavy-duty, a ​​single disc floor grinding machine is ideal. It is capable of removing paint, traffic lines, fibreglass, epoxy and adhesives, and can expose aggregate and grind surface imperfections. 

But a Concrete Grinder is a tricky tool – you’ll need serious skill and experience to get the desired outcome. That’s why Kelm Hire offers a few options, so you can find your best fit for the best result. 


Concrete Polisher

Don’t be mistaken – Concrete Grinder and Concrete Polisher are often used synonymously, but actually serve different causes. A Concrete Polisher is what gives the surface that ‘high-gloss’ after the Grinder has done its bit. 

Portable Cement Mixer

The single most important tool when working with raw concrete! Durable, resilient concrete is achieved by mixing cement with sand/gravel and water, and a mixer does exactly this. You can go big & bold or compact & portable. Matching your mixer to your project size is important because you need to use the concrete when it’s at its prime! 

Kelm Hire offers a handy 240V electric-powered concrete mixer that makes for the perfect machine for smaller sites and portability. 



Did you know that adding a Flex Drive Vibe Shaft to your Drive Motor will get you the best concrete aerator unit available? Or for a smaller, portable option, a Portable Vibe Shaft is convenient and the ideal choice for any fast-paced job. Pair it with a Flex Drive Vibe Shaft for the ultimate solution for removing air bubbles from freshly placed concrete. 


Troweling Machine

You can’t wrap up a concrete job without a solid finish on the slabs! Our Troweling Machines are second to none. Deliver the finest job, every single time. 


Tile Saw

Compact and capable, a handheld Tile Saw can deliver a clean cut in one go. 


Demolition Saw

No construction site is considered fully equipped without motorised demolition saws! These bad boys are swift, smooth and get the job done seamlessly. Based on the scale of your project, you can opt for light-weight or heavy-duty, with varying cut depths. 


Core Drill

With any concrete job, you need to accommodate external extensions or fittings. Electrical cables, plumbing, HVAC systems, conduits, etc, and you need to do it safely and seamlessly. A Core Drill helps you drill holes into walls, floors, ceilings, etc. to fit these in. ANother benefit is that Core Drills generate less sounds than hammer drilling. 


Safety Gear

And although last in this list, safety always comes first. Make sure your construction site is fully equipped with gloves, work boots, safety glasses, and much more. Yes, the outcome matters, but your people matter most.

We hope this eases some of your uncertainties around concrete equipment essentials, and Kelm Hire is right here if you’re ready to hire concrete tools. Equipment hiring is the way to go when your job is project-guided, so browse our Concrete Equipment catalogue and contact our experts today. Our 24-hour delivery and on-site support means that you’re guaranteed unmatched quality of products as well as customer service.