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Get The Job Done Quicker With A Knuckle Boom

Kelm Hire Get The Job Done Quicker With A Knuckle Boom

Equipment rental plays a crucial role in various industries, ranging from construction to maintenance through to events. Kelm Hire is a leading provider of tool and equipment rental services. One of the most versatile and useful pieces of equipment in our inventory is the knuckle boom or articulated boom lift.

So, What Is A Knuckle Boom?

A knuckle boom is a type of mobile crane or elevated work platform that has a series of articulated arms or “knuckles” that allow it to reach up and over obstacles. The knuckles can bend in various directions, giving the operator more control and flexibility than a traditional straight boom.

The way a knuckle boom works is quite simple. It has a hydraulic system that powers the movement of the arms, platform and the basket at the end of the boom. The operator can control the movements from the platform itself or from a control panel on the base of the machine. Some models can also be operated remotely, allowing for even greater flexibility and safety.

Knuckle booms are designed to be lightweight and compact, providing maximum payload capacity in confined or restricted spaces. 

Why Use One?

Knuckle booms are intended for use in situations where your platform needs to reach upwards while also going around an obstacle. Because it has the capacity to expand and maneuver past obstacles, it can access areas that would usually be a challenge for a straight boom or ladder. 

It can be used for a wide range of tasks, from tree trimming to building maintenance to signage installation.  

When renting equipment from Kelm Hire, you can always expect exceptional customer service.

Our  team is available to answer any questions or concerns you may have, and they provide thorough instructions and training on how to use the equipment safely and effectively. Safety is a top priority at Kelm Hire, and we ensure that all equipment is regularly inspected and maintained to meet the highest safety standards.

When Would I Need To Use A Knuckle Boom?

Here are a few examples where a Knuckle Boom could be put to good use: 

Knuckle booms are quite compact and maneuverable. They can be mounted on a truck for easy transport to different sites, and their ability to operate in confined spaces makes them ideal for urban environments where other equipment may not fit. 

This makes them ideal for;

  1. Signage installation: Installing signs on the side of a building or over a busy street can be difficult, however with a knuckle boom you’ll be able to extend the reach without obstructing traffic or causing damage to the building.
  2. Building maintenance: If you need to access the roof or upper floors of a building to perform maintenance tasks, a knuckle boom can make the job much easier and safer.
  3. Film production: In the film industry, a knuckle boom can be used to achieve difficult camera angles, suspend actors or equipment.

If you need to access hard-to-reach areas or lift heavy objects on your job site, a knuckle boom or articulated boom lift is the ideal solution. It is versatile, efficient, and can help to save you time and money.

When looking for equipment hire in Melbourne, be sure to consider Kelm Hire. We have a wide range of equipment available for rent, including a quality collection of knuckle booms to choose from. The best part is if you’re unsure about what product is right for the job, our team of knowledgeable professionals can recommend the right equipment for your project. 

In addition to our equipment rental services, Kelm Hire also offers a range of other services, including site assessments, safety audits and training programs. We are committed to helping our clients maintain safe and productive work environments, and they offer expert advice to help achieve your goal. Visit one of our convenient locations or get in touch today!