Kelm Hire

The Complete Guide to Earth Moving Equipment

Kelm Hire The Complete Guide to Earth Moving Equipment

How To Determine What You Need On Your Site

Looking for earth moving equipment in Melbourne but don’t know where to start? You’re in the right place. Finding the right dumper, loader or excavator can be a daunting task if you’re new to the earth moving game, but Kelm Hire are here to help. With years of experience and expertise under our belts, we’re the total hire solution for jobs large and small.


What kind of earth moving equipment is out there?

Knowing what equipment you need is half the battle of getting the job done well. Kelm Hire offers earth moving equipment hire for commercial sites, landscaping projects and everything in between. Whatsmore, we provide a 24-hour delivery service throughout metropolitan Melbourne so that you can plan projects with ease, long and short term.



Typically used on larger construction sites, hiring an excavator is perfect for heavy-duty jobs like demolition, transporting heavy materials and foundation, hole and trench excavation. The main benefit of hiring an excavator is that they have a 360-degree turning radius and can work with attachments for worksite versatility. So, what excavation equipment should you choose?


Mini excavators are ideal for jobs where space is limited because they often have practically no tail swing. They’re easy to maneuver and are therefore a great choice for landscaping, where precision is important and the terrain is softer. 

The Yanmar 8T Excavator ViO80 offers excellent performance, endurance and strength and is ideal for long working hours on a variety of sites. It has a spacious cabin and a boom swing as standard – allowing you to work up close to structures with ease.


Posi-Track Loaders

Hiring a posi-track loader is perfect if you have heavy-duty earth moving work to complete in wet or muddy conditions. Instead of wheels, they have tracks to provide extra stability and traction in unstable environments and provide excellent ride comfort. 

The 2.5 Tonne RT-50 Posi-Track Loader has a spacious cab, extensive legroom and a powerful, 50-horsepower turbocharged engine and is great for tearing up topsoil, loading, excavating and compacting.



Kelm Hire is proud to offer a wide selection of earth moving dumpers for hire. When used in tandem with an excavator, the trusty can provide efficient dirt and earth removal and are typically very easy to operate. Tracked dumpers aren’t just built to move earth – they’re also a great option if you need to remove trash, supplies, lumbar, scrap metal and more.

The Ride-On Tracked Dumper DT08 can carry up to 800kgs and has a width of only 79 cm, making it perfect for maneuvering in confined spaces. Even for inexperienced drivers, the hydrostatic drive system is easy to operate and no frequent gear-change is needed – so you can concentrate on your task more easily. 


Hire or buy?

Your choice to hire or buy earth moving equipment depends on your specific requirements, but hiring offers significant advantages. Although cost-efficiency is a significant reason people choose to hire rather than buy construction equipment, it can also be more convenient, involve less commitment and provide higher quality. When you hire from Kelm Hire, you’re choosing to use thoroughly-serviced equipment that checks all the compliance and performance boxes.

Ready to hire equipment and get your earth moving project started? Kelm Hire has everything you need. We deliver quality equipment and our team of highly experienced account managers can collaborate with you so your projects run on time and within budget. Explore our product catalogue online today and get moving.